Security within the airport platform is multifaceted and involves, beyond the security forces, all of the players in the airport chain, each with regard to it .

The services of the customs : they have a primordial role in the safety of the passengers but also in the economy of the country . Customs has a security mission that authorizes it to control arrivals and people in the territory. Customs’ role is also to enforce bans or sanctions on certain products for certain destinations, such as in the case of an embargo. Customs missions are therefore security, economic and fiscal.

The Border Police: primarily deals with immigration and also participates in the security and screening of passengers and their baggage in hand. A police station is located within the airport platform with the aim of maximizing the safety of people and their property.

Additional security elements: They come from structures specialized in the security field and are used by airlines or structures in charge of the platform airport to strengthen the security aspect of airline operations.

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