• GAO Airport: Towards Modernization

    Gao Korogoussou Airport, located about 5 km from the city, is one of Mali’s 6 international airports. Until 2015, the airport was only open to helicopters and military transport aircraft. But since September 2, 2019, the airport’s reception capacities have developed following a rehabilitation project of 7.860 billion FCFA, or 12 million euros, financed by

    April 20, 2021
  • Mali Airport: Soon a solar power plant

    Through this project, President Modibo Keita Senou International Airport wants to be not only the leader in the production and promotion of green energy, but also the first African airport 100 % autonomous, in terms of energy. It is part of the technical strengthening, improvement of the quality of electricity supply, the promotion of green

    April 20, 2021