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Salif keita beyond music, a politician

Born albino, August 25, 1949 in dioliba Salif Keita or the white horse of Malian music is a singer and musician directly descended from the founding family of the Empire of Mali.

Man did not have an easy childhood in a country that sees albinism as a sign of witchcraft. Dreaming of becoming a teacher, he took refuge in studies and learned music.

His poor eyesight prevented him from accessing the post of teacher and so he decided to become a musician, a violation of his family’s ancestral rules. Salif then leaves the family to go and live in the streets of Bamako, where he begins to perform in cafes and markets in which his exceptional voice will be quickly spotted.

He quickly joined the Rail Band of Bamako and became the star singer of this group

In 1973, he left the group for another orchestra, the Ambassadors , with which he recorded his first album Mandjou which pays tribute to the Mandingo people and to the Guinean President Sekou Touré , have met with enormous success.

2 albums recorded in the United States, in 1984, he takes part in the Angoulême festival, which will reveal him to the European public, he settles in Montreuil, and Manu Dibango called on him in 1985 to participate in the Tam Tam title for Africa for the benefit of Ethiopia.

He released Soro in 1987, an album that combines Mandingo tradition and pop. From 1988 to the 90s, Salif Keïta released 5 albums and went on international tours.

The man with the many hats has also started writing music for films, including that of Yeelen .

In 2002, he opened a club in Bamako which he named Moffou , which is also the title of his next album, released in 2002 and s ” moved to Mali in 2004 and published in 2005 a CD recorded at the time of the Ambassadors then released the album M’Bemba in which he got closer to history of Mali and its princely origins.

Follows the album La Difference in 2009, in which he engages with African albinos, or against carelessness in pollution matters. On July 19, 2010, Salif Keïta was appointed Ambassador for Peace by Jean Ping , president of the commission of the African Union , in order to support “the efforts of the Commission to resolve conflicts and promote peace on the continent ”

In 2012 he published Talé in electro colors, recorded in Bamako with the help of Philippe Cohen Solal from the Gotan Project group.

Political ambitions

A well-developed musical career, the ambition of man has no limit because behind this beautiful voice hides a politician. Salif Keïta was a candidate for the Malian legislative elections of 2007 . It comes out in third position on a list presented by the Patriotic Movement for the Renewal , the Block for Democracy and African Integration (BDIA) and Citizen Party for Renewal (PCR) in the constituency of Kati. He is currently an activist in the PCR.

On November 15, 2019 he made an outing on social networks in a video, he asks the outgoing president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita to resign for bad governance and affirms that France finances the terrorism in Mali.

Did this outing open any doors or strategy for him to win politically?

The answer to this question was answered on December 5, 2020 because becomes a member of National Council of Transition of Mali which is called prepared for the future presidential elections.

Salif struck again with an exit where he accuses the M5 / RFP of opportunist and who seeks to destabilize the transition even if under the IBK era, he supported them for chase him away. Today he is seen as a bad citizen for many Malians.

Fadimata Oumar Kontao

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