Malian cinema

Malian cinema, a new face

Malian cinema is of course Souleymane Cissé, Boubacar Sidibé, Ibrahim Touré, Cheick Oumar Sissoko and many other names that made the sector famous in the 1970s and 80. They have established themselves at the forefront of African filmmakers.

For several years, the film industry in Mali has suffered from introductory ailments that have developed over time. The main reason is the lack of funding, the absence of subsidies from the State, the lack of training for young directors, who manage as best they can, but also with unwanted scripts and necessarily “improvable” castings. to crown the country’s cinema.

On the other hand, the lack of movie theaters. The whole capital has only one. The closure of cinemas in Bamako and in the country’s major cities was a blow to Malian filmmakers who have closed shop one after the other.

In 2020, however, hope is reborn with the young director Fousseyni Maiga Journalist, communicator, filmmaker, director, entrepreneur. He breathed new life into Malian Cinema. This is evidenced by his very first feature film “Le Voile Secret”, which for its very first projection on the big screens broke the record for mobilizing Malian cinephiles at Ciné Magic, with three sold-out ticket offices in a row in one evening.

After the success of this first feature film, the talented young director repeated the feat by meeting the Malian public, once again in February 2021, at the same Ciné Magic. Despite a context marked by Covid19, the Malian public has still responded. And, this second feature film of the Arc En Ciel Group, “Les Roues du Destin”, which ensures the determination of the director, following his annual action plan to produce each year one feature film and at least 2 television series, was a another success widely shared and affirmed in the eyes of Malian moviegoers.

This second and final feature film by director Maiga, is tangible proof of the commitment of mining companies to ensure the promotion of Malian cinema. Because one of them, the mining company B2GOLD, fully funded the production of this film, the premiere of which was a two-sold-out success.

Fadimata Oumar Kontao

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