In order to protect you and guarantee you a safe trip, several exceptional measures have been put in place at all Airports in Mali.

Wearing a mask is compulsory : In accordance with the health recommendations of the country’s authorities, wearing a mask is compulsory inside and outside the airport platform, as well as on board aircraft. If you forget, shops and itinerant providers offer masks on site.

Temperature measurement : On departure and arrival, Mali Airports and airlines have put in place temperature monitoring systems to limit the spread of Covid-19. Initially, airlines may need to take your temperature before boarding flights to certain destinations. In this case, passengers with a temperature above 38 ° C may be refused boarding.

On arrival, the Airports management deployed a physical and thermal device for taking the temperature when exiting the plane. If your temperature exceeds 38 ° C, you will be prompted to perform a non-contact thermometer doubt relief. If the temperature is confirmed, you will be offered medical treatment – during which a doctor may suggest that you perform a PCR test if necessary.

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