A word from the director

"Nobody will come to Mali for us"
Colonel Lassana Togola
Colonel Lassana TOGOLA
Chairman and CEO of ADM


Appointed, by decree N ° 2020 0029 of September 10 by the President of the National Committee for Salvation, President and CEO of the Airports of Mali (ADM), Colonel Lassina Togola, air pilot of her state, aims to give a new dynamic to the Airports of Mali, a company like others strongly impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic, through a new vision and new ambitions.

“Nobody will come to Mali for us”. A conviction which in itself reflects the state of mind of this great nationalist who intends to leave good memories at the Airports of Mali, because he came to serve Mali and not to serve himself.

In an educational approach, it will be for people not only to consolidate the achievements of their predecessors and, above all, to propose and implement new things to boost the service. To do this, it has set out to reflect on new sources of acquisition of funds, through non-aeronautical activities.

Also, upon his arrival, Colonel Lassana Togola made the promotion of human resources a priority of his priorities. As a good manager, he not only put the staff at the heart of his vision, by empowering them, but above all was able to calm the very strong social tension that prevailed at ADM.

Its second priority has been the improvement of work tools; that is to say, to put the staff in the best working conditions. This through rigorous management of financial resources in a particular context marked by the low mobilization of funds due to the pandemic. Last but not least Colonel Togola tackled infrastructure. It is no secret that Mali Airports participate in opening up the interior and exterior of the country. Likewise, air transport is very important, especially in a country where the roads are very degraded.

In addition, one of the ambitions of the new CEO is to change the face of Bamako Airport, the showcase of Mali. Indeed, based on the observation of terminal blockages, in the event of 3 planes landing at the same time, it intends to build a new terminal to decongest existing ones and carry out many other ambitious projects with the support of national partners. and foreigners.



Born July 28, 1979 in Tabacoro (Koumantou, Bougouni), in the Sikasso region, Colonel Lassana Togola has been Chairman and CEO of Mali Airports (ADM) since September 10, 2020. He was previously Commander of Air Region number 01.

Prior to this post, Colonel Lassana Togola was successively Deputy Unit Commander of the Transport Squadron at BA101 in 2005: Squadron Commander of the Light Observation Aviation (ALO) in 2008; Head of Operational Resources at the 101 Sénou Air Base in 2009; Director of the Training and Selection Center for Young Air Force Pilots in Sénou in 2013; Head of the Air Force Headquarters Operations Division in 2016; and Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, Air Force in 2020.

Academically, Lassana Togola obtained her Basic Studies Diploma (DEF) in Koumantou in 1995. In 1998, he obtained his Baccalaureate, Série Sciences Exactes (SE), with Mention Assez-bien. In 1999-2000, Lassana Togola obtained her DEUG in Physics-Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques in Bamako. The following year, he holds a Bachelor of Applied Physics from the same Faculty of Science and Technology in Bamako.

In terms of military and technical training, it should be noted that during 2001, Lassana Togola was successively admitted to psychotechnical tests with the French cooperation; that of entry to the regional aeronautical pole of Garoua in Cameroon; at the entrance exam to the Ecole de l’Air in France (Salon de Provence). The departure to France for the officer and pilot training course took place on August 17, 2001.

From 2001 to 2003, Mr. Togola was trained as an officer at the Ecole de l’Air in France; of a compressed training in aeronautical engineer at the Special Course of the Air School of Salon de Provence in France.

2003-2004, he trained as a pilot at the Flight School of the Air Force in France (COGNAC in France), obtaining the Military Patent of 1 st pilot degree on airplane.

2004-2005, Lassana Togola obtained her specialization as a Transport Pilot at the Transport Aviation School in Avord, France; a Higher Certificate of Military Pilot, Mention Troop Transport.

In early 2006, he received operational pilot training on Tétras at PANVR Garoua with French cooperation. In early 2008, he followed a pilot-instructor training at the PANVR in Garoua in Cameroon with the French cooperation.

At the end of 2008, beginning of 2009, Lassana Togola obtained a Maturation internship on the Antonov-26 Transport aircraft in Russia.

In February 2011, he attended Tactical Operations Staff Course at the Koffi ANAN International Center in GHANA (TOCS).

Always in order to perfect his military and technical training, from August 2011 to February 2012, he attended the Air Staff School in Tunisia, “Air Mention”; and from August 25, 2018 to July 07, 2019, at the Air War Superior School “Mention Air” in Tunisia.

On the military level, Lassana Togola successively obtained the following ranks: Lieutenant (1 st October 2005); Captain (January 1, 2009); Commander (October 1, 2012); Lieutenant-Colonel (1 st January 2016) and Colonel (since 1 st October 2019).

Colonel Lassana Togola can be proud of a very rich record in aeronautics. Indeed, specializing in air operations, he is both a transport pilot and an instructor pilot. Better still, he totaled 6,000 flight hours (or 250 days, that is to say more than 8 months) currently distributed as follows: 3,500 flight hours in military operations for the benefit of ground troops; 1,500 hours of instructional flight for the benefit of young pilots; 250 hours in the context of induced rains; 750 flight hours for locust control missions in the Office du Niger area and the rest during his pilot training in France.

Other experiences, Colonel Lassana Togola animated Conferences at the School of Active NCOs in Koulikoro and at the School of Officers (Ecole Militaire Combined); taught courses at the African University Business Schooll (ABS) on the fight against terrorism and cross-border crime: the case of the Sahel, the fundamentals of Geopolitics and Geostrategy, military history and the great past battles and International Relations from 1945 to the present day).

He also moderated Conferences at the School of Peacekeeping during the selection of senior officers for the major military schools (Ecole de Guerre).

Colonel Lassana Togola speaks Bambara, French, English and a little Russian. Its main hobbies are Sports (swimming, walking), music, reading, as well as aeronautical activities in a flying club.

Colonel Lassana Togola is married and the father of 03 children.

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