GAO Airport: Towards Modernization

Gao Korogoussou Airport, located about 5 km from the city, is one of Mali’s 6 international airports. Until 2015, the airport was only open to helicopters and military transport aircraft. But since September 2, 2019, the airport’s reception capacities have developed following a rehabilitation project of 7.860 billion FCFA, or 12 million euros, financed by the Trust Fund in support of Peace and Security in Mali of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Today, a more ambitious rehabilitation project is underway with a new airstrip. This last runway now allows large aircraft to land in Gao and promotes night operations essential for medical evacuations. Better still, the new runway at Gao Airport will allow the long-awaited return of commercial flights to Gao and will thus contribute to the opening up of the northern regions of Mali and to the country’s economic recovery.

During a field visit, the Chief Executive Officer of Mali Airports (ADM), Colonel Lassana Togola, noted that the facilities at the Gao terminal are in a state of considerable deterioration, since the post-crisis of 2012 . Thus, in accordance with the new roadmap relating to the modernization of airport infrastructure, the head of ADM has initiated the process of redeveloping the Gao terminal and improving the level of facilities at the Kayes, Sikasso and Mopti terminals.